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Type 2 Diabetes

Clostridium difficile Vaccine

Coronary Artery Disease with Type 2 Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome


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The team at Sound Medical Research have a proven track record or meeting and exceeding contracted subject enrollment. We accomplish this by focusing on quality subject recruitment and by subject retention once they have entered the trial.

Our commitment to our subject’s health and well-being has created great relationships of trust and respect.

We believe in education before participation. It is our goal that every new potential subject understands the trial, that all questions are answered and the subject feels comfortable proceeding. Our clinical research coordinators meet with every subject to answer questions prior to signing informed consent. Additionally, at the beginning of each visit, our clinical research coordinators.Our commitment to our study subjects has yielded many return subjects!

Our commitment to our sponsors on enrollment and fulfilling our contracts are a main focus. Because of this focus, we have been high enroller on a number of studies and have fulfilled contracts on nearly everyone of our trials.

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