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Type 2 Diabetes

Clostridium difficile Vaccine

Coronary Artery Disease with Type 2 Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome

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Multi-Specialty Investigator Site Network

Our Multi-Specialty Investigator Site Network covers a wide range of therapeutic areas from hypertension to pediatric migraine. We currently have three primary care physicians, one ARNP family practice and two nephrologists. We are constantly reviewing applications and inquiries for additional sites and therapeutic areas.


Trained and Certified Staff

SMR has a qualified team of certified and experienced members.  Our Investigators and office staff have all been trained in HIPPA and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).


High Enrollment

High enrollment is a focused part of what we do every day.  We are aware of our obligation to fill studies and many times throughout our history we have over-enrolled for our trials. It is our goal to always exceed expectations.


Quick Turn Around

Our staff and investigators are committed to excellence in administering clinical trials in a fast and effective manner that will earn your respect and confidence. Additionally, SMR has one point-of-contact from study start-up through study completion including regulatory compliance, budget negotiation, contracts and study close-out. SMR utilizes a Central IRB.




SMR has exclusive relationships with medical professionals and facilities within our network. These partnerships help us to identify and extend the invitation to subjects for participation in specific trials. This database harvesting method is our most productive form of recruitment.


At SMR we pride ourselves in our in-house recruitment. With our dedicated staff and strategic partnerships, SMR utilizes many different mediums to reach-out to potential subjects/volunteers. Our approach includes the use of traditional print and broadcast multimedia, web marketing and community outreach programs.

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Sound Medical Research works with local board certified, private practice physicians and major pharmaceutical companies to offer clinical research studies to the general public. All our studies have been approved by the FDA for testing new products before they are available to the public at large. Each study is also reviewed and approved by an ethics board before we begin enrolling volunteers. >> learn more

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