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Coronary Artery Disease with Type 2 Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome

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SMR Port Orchard

Multi-Specialty Investigative Site Network Administrative Offices

We currently manage all of our sites from the SMR Port Orchard Headquarters. Our office also hosts three exam rooms and is in close proximity to the onsite lab. All of our administrative operations are run out of this location. We constantly facilitate research visits in our office to better serve our patients.

SMR Sound Health Care Center – Port Orchard

Our Facility

Dr. Brad Frandsen, Dr. Ellen Stehouwer, Dr. Martin Iversen

Sound Health Care Center is a mid-size primary care facility. Located in Port Orchard, in the new Tremont Center, Sound Health Care Center is patient focused. The friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere is part of what makes Sound Health Care Center so appealing. Sound Health Care Center has been involved in clinical trials for over 13 years.

Site includes the following:

Several -10º to -20º C freezers, refrigerators, centrifuges for blood processing, 12 lead ECG machines, digital copiers, paper shredder, security system, balance scales, Access to a full service reference lab.

SMR Renal Remission and Hypertension Consultants – Silverdale

Dr. Dmitri Vasin, Dr. Namita Gill and Pamela J. Boni, M.N., C.S, A.R.N.P.

SMR Silverdale is located in the newly constructed Cavalon Building. We are located in Suite #220. This office is home to Dr. Vasin, Dr. Gill and Pamela J. Boni ARNP.

Dmitri Vasin M.D. is a certified clinical hypertension specialist with board certification in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Dr. Vasin is one of the leading renal remission practitioners in the world. He also lectures on the topic.

Namita Gill M.D. is certified in Internal Medicine and in Nephrology. Dr. Gill specializes in nephrology and hypertension consulting as well as management of acute and chronic dialysis patients

Pamela J. Boni ARNP practices in family medicine.

SMR Renal Remission and Hypertension Consultants – Bremerton

Dr. Dmitri Vasin and Dr. Namita Gill

Located in Bremerton near Harrison Hospital, Both Dr. Vasin and Dr. Gill see patients in this office.

SMR Kitsap Foot and Ankle – Bremerton

Dr. David Gent, DPM

Dr. Gent has extensive training in forefoot and rear foot surgery along with certification in ESWT, ultrasound, skin biopsy, sports injuries and custom orthotic treatment for correcting foot deformities and discomfort.

Dr. Gent is the newest addition to the SMR Investigative Site Network

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