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Type 2 Diabetes

Clostridium difficile Vaccine

Coronary Artery Disease with Type 2 Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome

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About SMR

Sound Medical Research provides a bridge between the research industry and medical community.

Implementing medical research into private practices can be quite difficult. It has been documented that 80 percent of research data comes from only 20 percent of the research sites. In most cases, this gap is due to the complexity of the regulatory, clinical, and business development aspects. SMR bridges the gap by providing a turnkey solution for physicians to actively participate in medical research without losing focus on their practices. Through our services, we effectively help create, put into effect, and support private practices with research integration, all while maintaining appropriate relationships with major pharmaceutical companies and sponsors. Additionally, our experienced contract negotiators and patient recruitment practices have helped establish SMR as a rising leader in the clinical trial industry.

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Sound Medical Research works with local board certified, private practice physicians and major pharmaceutical companies to offer clinical research studies to the general public. All our studies have been approved by the FDA for testing new products before they are available to the public at large. Each study is also reviewed and approved by an ethics board before we begin enrolling volunteers. >> learn more

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