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Type 2 Diabetes

Clostridium difficile Vaccine

Coronary Artery Disease with Type 2 Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome

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Physician Requirements

The SMR physician requirements for participation in clinical trials were developed to ensure success.

What Investigators Provide:

  • Your Expertise: review potential studies to determine feasability, help build relationships.
  • Your Patients: spend 5-10 minutes to “sell” the study to your patients; help keep them in the study once enrolled.
  • Your Dedication: help ensure enrollment goals are met/exceeded, give study priority on your schedule, etc.
  • Your Time: read protocol, attend kick-off meeting (often Fri/Sat), site initiation visits, review labs/ECG’s, etc.

If you would like to join the SMR Investigative Site Network, please contact Deb Bergevin at deb@soundmedicalresearch.com or by calling 360.329.5220.

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